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Carluccios – Bath

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The problem – Listed building, awkward to install ventilation equipment due to the restrictions present on site, Kitchen canopies had to be bespoke due to the nature of the building, noise and smell sensitive residential area surrounding restaurant.Brief history of the company – Carluccio’s – Well known restaurant chain with over 70 restaurants to date offer authentic Italian cuisine at sensible prices.

The requirements – Provide Carluccio’s with a high specification air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation installation without causing nuisance problems for local residents

The solution – Kitchen extract ventilation system installed with full odour control U.V (ultra violet) system and Electrostatic system to minimise any smoke dispertion at point of discharge on roof.  Full podded attenuation fitted to the ductwork to minimise noise at discharge but calculated so extraction rates were not affected.  Low noise condensing units fitted on refrigeration equipment to minimise noise pollution at designated plant space and compact cassettes with inverter driven Air Conditioning condensing units to provide cooling/heating for restaurant.

The kit used (brand, kW, HP etc)  - Panasonic 14kw twin split systems with 7kw compact cassettes to suit restaurant design.

What was unique to the project – Grade 2 listed building which the client was keen to open a restaurant in due to its location.  FWP worked closely with landlord, local authority to ensure what was being installed was right for all parties involved.