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F-Gas Compliance

Any range of fluorinated gases such as CFC’s / HFC’s and HCFC’s are covered by the term F-Gas.

With some of the gases being harmful to the ozone layer and ultimately contributing towards global warming the F-Gas regulation was introduced in July 2007. This legislation has been designed to eliminate the release of fluorinated gases (f-Gases) to atmosphere by way of specific checks which need to be carried out on systems to check for leaks and damage.

As part of a maintenance package FWP can carry out these checks. All our engineers are F-Gas certified and by law any air conditioning system with over 3kgs of regfrierant must be checked once per year.

Systems with over 3kg require checkinjg more frequently – details below

  • 3kg – annually
  • 30 kgs and above at least every 6 months
  • 300 kgs and above at least every 3 months as well as requiring a leak detection system in place which also needs to be monitored/checked to ensure working properly.