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FWP Achieves Finalist Position at this Years RAC Cooling Industry Awards

FWP UK Ltd are finalists at this year’s RAC Cooling Industry Awards for the “Heat Pump Project of the Year: Carluccio’s, Sheffield”.

Cooling Industry Awards 2013_Finalist


The installation included a 12kW Aquarea T-CAP mono bloc unit, backed up with energy monitoring equipment. The results obtained by the monitoring devices were incredible; calculations showed that the site achieved a 75.6% savings on running costs when compared to other sites that were using electrically heated systems. With a high coefficient of performance (COP), for every kW of electricity the system uses, it provides 4kW of energy. This makes the Aquarea far more cost effective than a conventional heating system.

Stuart Frudd, managing director of FWP UK Ltd says: “ We have a great working relationship with Carluccios, they appreciate our unique approach to system designs which give great results. The key to this project was to provide a sustainable solution, which can be transferred to the chain of restaurants, the savings achieved at the Meadowhall site has secured another eight installs this year with further talks of retro fits in exiting sites. I’m really looking forward to the awards night and a well deserved win”.

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