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Lacoste – Knightsbridge

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Brief history of the company eg: Lacoste – Well known clothing brand were looking to re-locate premises to a bigger better store.

The problem – The existing chilled water system was un fit for purpose, other retail shops were connected to the same system and struggling to maintain desired temperatures, the heat was supplied by expensive electric heater coils with the fresh air supply duct. Landlord consent was difficult due to space for equipment/noise/heat rejection however after indepth and detailed design and scope of work, the new proposal was agreed.

The requirements – This was the flagship store so ultimately the client didn’t want to see any ceiling mounted cassettes and ascetics were key to the finished store. The store requirement was 100kw total and the landlord didn’t want any detrimental effects on other equipment and also issues with surrounding residents.  Although other units were the new outdoor units had to be acoustically enclosed with a discharge plenum installed to reduce heat build up for surrounding equipment.

The solution – Installation of two 50Kw systems to supply the different floors within the retail unit, divided up into 10 x 10kw ducted units connected onto flangeless linear grilles which were a requirement from the design team.

 The kit used (brand, kW, HP etc)  2 x Sanyo 2 way ECOi C1406 16HP – 50 Kw per system with 10 x SPW-U365H  ducted units – nominal cooling duty of each unit – 10kw.

What was unique to the project – this was the flagship store and due to unforceen landlord issues the start date was delayed but the handover had to be completed before the Olympics.  TYhe original program was 16week fit out but this was reduced to 10 weeks.  FWP supplied, installed and delivered the service required from the client within budget and timescale.

Any green credentials  With COP’s of 3.35 cooling and 3.86 heating the new system was far more efficient than the existing chilled water system and ultimately independant to the rest of the building which was supplied by the chilled water system.