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Love Fresh Pasta

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Brief history of the company eg: Loves Fresh Pasta is a new concept to the high street selling fresh pizza and pasta with initial turn around from placement of order to delivery of food being 9 minutes, the idea being you select from a touch screen your desired choice, you pay and you then receive a printed ticket, you take your ticket to a scanner and select either your table number or the take out option and you then see your food being prepped and on a screen a countdown clock of when you order will arrive.

The problem – With this being  new a new concept, the end result was unknown and with limited space available within the unit, maximising what space was available was critical in order to deliver exactly what the client was after.

The requirements – Supply and install an air conditioning system with an industrial feel within a modernised restaurant.  Also required was a kitchen canopy extraction system in both the theatre kitchen upstairs as well as downstairs in the basement theatre kitchen.

The solution – 2x 10kw twin split high static ducted units, hidden within the ceiling bulkheads with flat oval ductwork exposed with linear grills balanced for equal air distribution.  Also 3x 304 grade stainless steel canopies were installed with recessed lights and grease baffle filters, including sections of fire rated ductwork where the extract duct passed up between floors to point of breakout on the roof.  One number powerful extraction motor installed to produce the required extraction rate as well as associated attenuation for noise control.

The kit used: – Panasonic PACi 20kw invertor driven condensing unit connected to 2 number high static hide away ducted indoor units, Elta Fans Axial SLC450/ 2-1 kitchen extraction motor with Elta 500/4-2 B kitchen supply air fan.

What was unique to the project – from the 3D computerised concept design to the actual fit out, the client had an image of how his restaurant wanted to look and although the building once stripped back to bear shell had difficult obstacles to overcome FWP delivered the mechanical installation that the client required.