Boardman Performance Centre


Boardman Performance Centre, The Valley, Evesham WR11 4DS

In a career spanning over 30 years at the highest level of competition and with Olympic Gold, World Record and podium success to his name, Chris Boardman is somewhat of an authority on going fast on a bicycle and improving a cyclist’s performance. With this knowledge and witnessing the impact that aerodynamics had in taking Olympic athletes from forth and third places to first, he could clearly see how this understanding and methodology would be hugely beneficial to everyday cyclists across many disciplines. It was this idea that ultimately lead to what has become the Boardman Performance Centre, built around the UK’s first cycling-specific wind tunnel offering cyclists of all levels the tools and expertise to explore for themselves their cycling potential.

FWP UK were honoured when Boardman Performance Centre approached us in need of HVAC services. Our trusted and trained engineers designed and installed -

- Seperate ground and first floor VRF air conditioning systems
- Ground and first floor heat reclaim systems
-Seperate air conditioning system to the UK's first cycling-specific wind tunnel

Having successfully completing the installation; the building was subsequently given an 'A' rating for energy efficiency.

VRF and Split system condensing unit installation.
VRF and Split system condensing unit installation.
Boardman Performance Centre
General extract ductwork to Heat Recovery Unit.
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