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Fire Suppression

Certified and installed by qualified engineers; FWP UK supply and install Ansul Fire Suppression systems for kitchen extraction canopies. This system consists of fixed pipework running from stainless steel tanks into the extraction plenum and above risk cooking appliances; both locations installed with nozzles. In the event of a fire, fusible links are implemented within the pipework of the extraction plenum that automatically discharge a wet liquid chemical agent through the nozzles, extinguishing the fire. A manual cord is also installed and can activate the system at any time needed.

How does this wet chemical agent work? The wet chemical agent attacks the fire by rapidly knocking down the flame and reacting with the heat/grease, it produces a soap like foam layer starving the fire of oxygen and preventing another fire.

If you have any enquiries, FWP UK are more than happy to offer advice on this type of service and can recommend the best system for each application.

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